Museum at FIT: Ivy Style

by Barb on November 21, 2012

fit ivy style wwd Museum at FIT: Ivy Style

A view of the FIT Ivy Style exhibit

Examining what began as and remains as the “truly American look,” The Museum at FIT presents “Ivy Style,” which runs until January 5th, 2013. Looking at the longevity of the style, the exhibit breaks itself down thematically, as opposed to chronologically, although it highlights three particular time frames – World War I, post-World War II, and the revival period from the 80s to present. The thematic settings create an ambience that brings one back to school, with sections that include a grassy quad, classrooms, dorm rooms, and fraternities.

This focus on environment is what delivers and communicates the exhibition’s message of the Ivy League as an icon in sartorial imagery. Though the room is small, the many divisions and openness of the space, along with complementary soundtrack, presents the multi-faceted dimensions in which this particular style pervades in at least one phase of life. But it is the incorporation of modern designers, in addition to sponsoring partner Brooks Brothers, such as Ralph Lauren, Tripler, J. Press, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bastian and Thom Browne, that demonstrates the longevity and style’s ability to transcend age, time, and spatial boundaries.

For a virtual tour, take a look at the YouTube video below:

Image via WWD


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